Gerard P. Ahern, PhD

Gerard P. Ahern, PhD, associate professor of pharmacology and physiology, is an expert on the cellular channels of pain transmission in sensory neurons and the impact such pain has on behavior. Ahern’s lab has revealed fundamental properties of pathways known as Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) channels that regulate pain signaling, including the receptors for chili peppers and wasabi. His recent research has explored the role for these inflammatory receptors in bone loss such as that which occurs in osteoporosis. Orthopedic surgical residents from Georgetown University Hospital assist Ahern’s lab with this project as part of their residency requirements. Ahern’s lab is funded by the NIH and the National Vulvodynia Association.

2013-2014 Projects

Improving Prevention and Treatment Strategies for Osteoporosis
Principal Investigator: Gerard P. Ahern, PhD