Juan M. Saavedra, MD

Juan M. Saavedra, MD, professor of pharmacology, is an expert in how the brain protects itself in stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Traumatic Brain Injury. Saavedra came to GUMC recently after more than four decades at the National Institutes of Health, where he trained more than 80 postdoctoral fellows and students and published more than 400 articles in various peer-reviewed journals. He has been editor-in-chief of the journal Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology since 1983 and has maintained a part-time psychiatry practice in Bethesda since 1992. Saavedra’s research focuses on developing drugs or new neurological uses for FDA-approved drugs: his lab now is investigating compounds called sartans, already government approved to treat cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, for possible use in staunching the slow, ongoing neurological debilitation know as “secondary injury” that follows trauma to the brain.

2013-2014 Projects

Protecting Our Brains from Ongoing Trauma After Injury
Principal Investigators: Juan M. Saavedra, MD, Mark Burns, PhD